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We are pleased to introduce the Crypviser Refferal Bot.

For the next 45 days everyone within our community can earn extra CVCOIN’s for sharing Crypvisers Telegram group with friends, family or just people who might be interested in Crypviser.


As reward for any successful referral to our main Telegram group you will receive 1 CVCOIN.
The maximum amount of referrals per person within the 45 days period is 40.
The reward will be sent after the campaign ends.

Max amount of CVCOIN’s as bonuses is 7000 CVCOIN’s.
Every user is only allowed to use one referral link.
Multiple accounts or referral links will lead to a ban.
Referrers without a unique Telegram @name, will not be served.
Referrers who are not in the Crypviser Main Telegram group at the time of distribution will also not receive any rewards.
Bonus per referral is initial 1 CVCOIN but can be lowered to 0.5 CVCOIN’s should the participation exceed these numbers.

Crypviser will carefully sort out all apparent and obvious fake referrals and will retain the right to deny distribution in certain cases.


You have to follow five steps:

Step 1: Join the Crypviser Telegram Channel (

Step 2: Go to our Crypviser referral bot @CrypviserRefferalBot ( and click on the „Start“- button.

Step 3: Click on the „Wallet”-button and when it says “Your wallet address”, simply paste your Bitshares wallet address in the text field and send. This has to be done only once.
If you would like to edit your wallet address just add the command “/wallet youraddress” in the text field and send.

Step 4: Click on the „Link“-button to display your personal, unique referral link. Send this link to friends or family who you want to invite to the Crypviser Main Telegram group.

Step 5: Your personal link will not forward people to our actual main Telegram group but to the referral bot. Once you have referred somebody to the bot, all they have to do is:

  • Start bot
  • Click on „Group”- button
  • Join Crypviser’s main Telegram group with the provided link

For you to receive the reward, make sure that the referred persons follow these steps.

Airdrop Options:
We have also included an Airdrop option to the referral program. All one needs to do is, add the name of the bot (like referral) into their telegram, then add their bitshares wallet ID, click on “groups” and then click on the link to our main telegram channel. After that is complete they will receive up to 1 CVCOIN.

Et voila, your referral is completed and you can check your successful ones when clicking on the „Stats“-button.

Crypviser reserves the right to change the rules of the referral campaign in retrospect.

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