Crypviser Reaches New Heights

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Crypviser is № 1

After 2 rounds of hard, fought out Voting to determine which Project would be listed on the Hadax (Huobi) platform, Crypviser has achieved amazing results. From all the amazing projects listed, Crypviser came in 1st Place.

1st place in Europe and Australia Edition

1614 voters

248 301 117 votes

The Crypviser Community, with their unwavering support would not be denied. Everyone came together, fought hard and wouldn’t quit, which lead to the outstanding end result.

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HT tokens will be available for refund starting on June, 3rd.

Follow these simple steps to get your HT refund:

  1. Go to Balance
  2. Then History
  3. Other History
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CVCOIN (CVN) Airdrop (600 000)

Distribution of Airdrop incentives will be done in 4 installments. First quarter of incentive will be done when the project is listed, and consecutively every 7 days until all incentives are distributed.

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