Crypviser Public Nodes Release

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We are extremely excited to inform you that Crypviser is releasing the public blockchain nodes as open source!

Now you can download Crypviser Network Nodes and take part in the decentralized secure communication revolution.

The Crypviser Network Nodes are available for download as an open source code, and compiled dockers at

The detailed installation & operation guide, including technical and software prerequisites, are available at:

To apply for a Crypviser Witness Node please fill out the application form below and accept the terms.

Crypviser Witness Program will start on 1st December 2018. All approved Witness Nodes will start producing blocks automatically if they are configured properly.
The successful applicants will be contacted by the Crypviser staff to manage the required deposit and provide technical assistance when needed.

Nominated CVN Foundation members will be contacted by the Crypviser team to launch a Witness Node for free before the 1st of December 2018 in accordance with a special allocated quota.

Registration Nodes will be activated after the commercial start of Crypviser Secure Messaging App in December 2018.
In order to manage the Crypviser Registration Nodes you will be provided with a user — friendly web account to easily connect to the Crypviser Network.

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