Crypviser office representatives in Kazakhstan will participate in Astana Finance Days FinTech Summit 1–4 July, 2019

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Crypviser representatives in Kazakhstan have been invited by AIFC (“Astana International Financial Center”) to participate in the leading FinTech Summit in Central Asia.

The Fintech Summit will be filled with blockchain world experts, business and industry leaders, from companies such Visa, Accenture, Motive Partners, Keno partners, World Alliance of International Financial Centers, Tai Cloud Corp, Qumra Capital, Negevinn, Fidor group and more.

During the Fintech Summit there will be a presentation about:

Review of the Financial Sector In Russia, the CIS, and the Caucasus countries.

In partnership with Delloitte, KPMG, and PWC, the latest data will be disclosed about the financial and banking sectors, macroeconomics and possible investments within the region.

Crypviser representatives will also visit the cybersecurity centre BI.ZONE. This centre offers asset protection and online security services based on cyber-intelligence, and the constant monitoring of information flow in the public and the shadow segments of cyberspace.

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