Crypviser New Year 2021 Transformation Plan

Happy New Year Greetings from the Crypviser team!

Dear Crypviser & CVCoin community,

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most disturbing and hectic years for humanity.
In spite of all the difficulties, events took place this year that will definitely affect all the further years to come. In addition to the troubles associated with global pandemic and lockdowns around the world, this year also brought us many long-awaited events and innovations in crypto and blockchain technology world. In 2020, we saw the Bitcoin price skyrocket again, breaking past records. We saw the emergence and rapid development of DeFi (“Decentralized Finance”) market and innovations, which opened up amazing new opportunities and set the trend for the crypto industry in the years to come. And it is this year, at the end of 2020, that we are laying new stones in the Crypviser solid foundation for successful growth and prosperity in the coming year!
We should admit that trends and developments in the technology world, particularly in the crypto blockchain industry, are changing lightning fast. Every New Year is different and we all need to change with it.
It’s been a long time since Crypviser went public in 2017, there have been events and unlucky cases that have directly impacted Crypviser, but they have made us even stronger!
The Crypviser team is looking to the future with a great confidence and is excited to present to you the Crypviser Tokenomics Transformation Plan for the New Year and effective solutions to address the challenges caused in this unprecedented year.


Approved by CVN Foundation

I. The original CVN BTS (“Bitshares”) token swap options

This year after the collapse of the OpenLedger exchange, unfortunately we encountered a big spread between the prices of the original CVN BTS token and CVN ERC20. This led to difficulties in CVN BTS <-> CVN ERC20 swap via an automated gateway and caused contradictions in the listing and trading terms of CVN ERC20 on the Huobi Global exchange.
After lengthy negotiations with exchanges and reviewing various possibilities with CVN Foundation members, we came to the following options, approved by the CVN Foundation.

1. Due to the current situation and listing conditions on Huobi Global, the operation of an exchange gateway between CVN BTS and CVN ERC20 is no longer feasible.

2. Perform a one-time swap of CVN BTS to CVN ERC20 under the following conditions, when:

  • The spread between the price of CVN BTS and ERC20 tokens is no more than 5% for at least 30 days

OR in the case of

  • CVN ERC20 token price will reach an ICO price of US $0.455 for at least 30 days

Alternatively (optional)

  • Exchange CVN BTS to CVNX (a new Governance token, STO alternative) at 1:1 ratio (please see below more about CVNX)

II. The CVNX — a new Governance token (STO alternative) in Crypviser DAO

As we stated earlier, trends and technologies in the crypto and blockchain world are changing rapidly. Every day we see the development of new business models and the decline of previous ones. Being a part of active blockchain and crypto community, Crypviser cannot stay away from the progress and constantly adapts its business model up today.
This is due to the fact that since the release of the first business model of the most secure messenger Crypviser for individuals, we have seen a more successful model of monetization and profit generation in the Enterprise business sector.
In late 2019, Crypviser launched a White Label solution for companies and received a lot of demand.
However, given the White Label solution technology base and the specifics of sales in the business sector, it is difficult to integrate with the primary business model of CVN, as companies are mostly not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies/tokens.
Because of this, as you know, Crypviser has been planning an STO campaign to issue a security token that would allow profits to be distributed to all Crypviser investors in the form of dividends.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, which caused worsening economic situation in the world, we have had to postpone the STO until better times.

To overcome this challenge, thanks to the rapid development of DeFi technology, we have a unique chance to introduce an alternative to STO, a CVNX Governance token of CEP(“Crypviser DAO”), which has the same properties of STO token, but even greater capabilities thanks to a simplified form of legal regulation.
The main advantages of CVNX Governance token are:

  • ERC20 compatibility
  • Listing and trading on traditional crypto exchanges without legal restrictions
  • The voting rights to holders on all key technical parameters and the business operation model
  • Commercial profit sharing to token holders
  • Compatibility with DeFi features
  • Liquidity mining (Farming) and swap through DeFi pools
  • Listing and trading on DEX (e.g. Uniswap)
  • Further transformation into STO (Security token)

III. DeFi and Governance token

DeFi (“Decentralized Finance”) — is built on the idea that blockchain technology can be used to recreate traditional financial instruments such as loans and insurance on smart — contracts.
DeFi allows users lend or borrow funds from others, speculate on price movements on a range of assets using derivatives, trade cryptocurrencies, insure against risks, and earn interest in a savings-like account.
Along with these factors, DeFi has opened a whole new frontier for crypto users through the emergence of Governance tokens.

A Governance token confer holders the power to influence decisions concerning the core protocol, product or feature roadmap, proposing or deciding on new features, hiring and staffing, and changes to the system parameters.

The primary purposes of a Governance token is to give control back to users. Holders of a governance token can suggest or influence critical decisions about the blockchain project through a voting mechanism.

In many cases, the changes proposed, vetted and then voted on through on-chain governance accessed by using governance tokens are applied automatically due to smart contracts. In other cases, the team maintaining the project is tasked with applying the changes.

IV. CVNX Distribution & Listing

CVNX will be distributed to holders in the following ways:

  • CVN ERC20 stacking pools
    Typically DeFi tokens are distributed through stacking or mining pools, where holders of one token are rewarded with another token from the allocated pool according to their stack for a certain amount of time.
    In this way ERC20 CVN holders can lock their tokens for a certain amount of time and earn(mine) free CVNX in return. The locked amount of CVN ERC20 will be unlocked and returned in the same time.
  • CVN BTS/CVN ERC20 swap
    The ability to simply and quickly swap tokens via stacking/mining pools is one of the obvious advantages of DeFi.
    CVN BTS/CVN ERC20 holders will be able to swap to CVNX at 1:1 ratios on partner crypto exchanges.
  • CVNX IEO & Listing
    CVNX token will be listed on the market through IEO and will be available for trading on major partner exchanges. The CVNX listing has been already scheduled on the first TOP Exchanges and DEX (Uniswap).

The CVNX opening price will be defined on IEO stage. We suppose the IEO price would be at least 70–80% of the CVN ERC20 price on Huobi Global on the listing date.

Distribution, IEO and Listing timeline for CVNX is scheduled for Q1 2021
Specific details of CVNX tokenomics and metrics will be released during the IEO & Listing phase.

V. Crypviser DAO Blockchain

CVNX will be released as a governance token of the Crypviser DAO Blockchain (previously announced as “CEP”).

Crypviser DAO(“Decentralized Autonomous Organization”) Blockchain is a high-performance decentralized platform, aimed to provide complex blockchain framework and infrastructure to develop a wide set of services to Enterprise business and Smart Companies 4.0

Smart Company is a hybrid model of a Limited Company (Ltd) and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a company which combines full legal compliance, and the advantages of blockchain technology such as speed, technical resistance, security and transparency.

The Crypviser DAO Blockchain will combine the best of the most advanced and well-known technologies and provide True cross-blockchain interoperability, Economic & transactional scalability, User-driven network governance, powerful DeFi features and of course a professional security level.

Unlike the existing solution the Crypviser DAO Blockchain will provide not only the basic functionalities to automate financial transactions, voting and tokenization, but reliable protocol stacks for decentralized data transport and storage, security core with automated end-to-end encryption (“AE”) through decentralized public-key distribution model (“DPKI”), a powerful CEP Virtual Machine (CVM) for Smart Contracts compatible to Ethereum EVM and integrated DAPPs and DeFi features for different business purposes.

More details about the Crypviser DAO Blockchain available in the previous CEP WhitePaper at The new revised WhitePaper of Crypviser DAO Blockchain will be coming soon!

VI. CVNX Business Model

Stocks analogies

In simplified terms, traditional stocks entitle their holders to a voting share in the corporate board of the company and a portion of the dividends it may distribute. Through these mechanisms, stockholders have a formalized way of influencing corporate development and directly profiting from its success.

While the governance aspect of DeFi protocol tokens is self-explanatory, some of the token economics approaches can be compared to dividends as well. CVNX will be used to “buyback and burn” the CVNX governance token. Profit from the Crypviser DAO and Secure Messenger services sales will be used to buyback CVNX tokens quarterly and then burn.
The mechanism creates a realistic price growth dynamic by stimulating CVNX demand and reducing its circulation supply. While this approach is closer to the concept of stock buybacks, it generates value for holders in a similar manner to dividends.

The same business model has ben proven and successfully implemented in the highly successful projects MAKER and COMPAUND.


VII. CVT Transformation into a Stable Coin

At the end of the transformation plan, after the successful launch of CVNX, it’s planned to transform the internal CVT token into a stable coin within Crypviser Network. This step will make it possible to introduce new DeFi features, such P2P money lending and borrowing in the Crypviser Secure Messenger through CVT, and actualize CVPay wallet usage for instant transactions and secure fund storage.

VIII. Interactive Development Roadmap

The first obvious case of the CVNX governance token usability will be voting to the Crypviser Interactive Development Roadmap.
All CVNX holders will be able to vote and prioritize features development in the Crypviser Secure Messenger and DAO Blockchain.
As well as CVNX holders can propose their ideas and new features to be implemented into the Crypviser Secure Messenger and DAO Blockchain.
The Crypviser development team will accept for execution, if the proposed feature collect the required number of votes, estimated in labor-intensive costs and of course if technically possible.
An interactive development plan will be presented in Q1 2021 and will be available online at any time to track.
One of the first and highest priority features selected for development will be group chats, channels and content boards in the Crypviser Secure Messenger.


While the transformation plan may seem complicated and confusing to you at first glance, you may ask why you need another token in the Crypviser eco-system?
The answer is unfortunately not simple either, since Crypto and blockchain technology itself gets more complicated every day. Gone are the days when one Bitcoin Cryptocurrency dominated and things looked relatively simple.

Nevertheless, the ultimate goal and main objective of the transformation plan is to bring Crypviser tokenomics into the final format:

  • 1 Security/Stable Coin CVT — to safely store funds and perform instant transactions in the Crypviser Network
  • 1 Utility token CVN ERC20 — listed tradable on centralized liquid crypto exchanges
  • 1 Governance DeFi/STO token CVNX — that catching the latest trends and enabling all of our investors to benefit more from Crypviser as full shareholders and become a full part of the company.

Despite all the difficulties of technology, the Crypviser team sincerely wishes you and your family a Happy New Year, lots of happiness and strong health!

We thank you for your trust and great support this year that allows us to look to the future with confidence and work together on the Crypviser future!

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