Crypviser Network announces its native CVT token

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Crypviser introduces CVT (Crypviser Token) issued for using inside the Crypviser Network and Crypviser App, whereas CVcoin (CVN) is used as a global token on the Bitshares platform.

For a detailed explanation, please see the below Q & A

What is CVT ?

CVT — The Crypviser Token is an internal token within the decentralized Crypviser Network, for use inside the Crypviser App and the CVPay wallet. It is used to pay subscription fees for premium plans.

Why issue CVT?

The Crypviser Network development is based on the heavily adapted and upgraded Graphene/Bitshares core. Its an excellent standalone communication platform with its own nodes, witnesses are different than those on the Bitshares Network.

The Crypviser Network has all the same advantages and features as the Bitshares platform, but is purposefully adapted to serve Crypviser’s decentralized cryptographic model for secure instant communication networks.

What’s the difference between CVcoin(CVN) and CVT ?

CVcoin(CVN) issued on the Bitshares Network is used as the native token of Crypviser on global markets. CVcoin(CVN) is traded on the Bitshares platform and will be added on global external exchanges, whereas CVT is an internal token within Crypviser Network and won’t be available for global exchanges or trades.

Generally speaking, CVT is a mirrored copy CVN in the Crypviser Network and has the same value as CVcoin.

How to get CVT? How is it available?

CVT will be available only for CVcoin on Bitshares DEX. Which means that only CVN/CVT pair will exist, CVT can be exchanged only for CVcoin by 1:1 scheme. 1 CVN = 1 CVT.

Is it possible to exchange back from CVT to CVN ?

Yes, at the same value at any time on Bitshares DEX, via Crypviser App or CV Wallet.

How much is the exchange fee for CVN/CVT?

The exchange fee for CVN/CVT is the standard fee defined for CVcoin(CVN) token on Bitshares DEX.

How much is the CVT total supply ?

CVT has the same total supply as CVcoin(CVN) 15.000.000 tokens

What’s the CVT distribution scheme?

The total supply of CVT will be distributed in accordance to the following plan.

10.000.000 CVT will be available for exchange

2.000.000 CVT will be reserved for Crypviser core registration accounts.

3.000.000 CVT will be allocated to cover fees for Crypviser Network Witnesses and registrants.

What are Crypviser Registrants?

Registration accounts (registrants) are required for new user registration in the Crypviser Network. Any account with CVT on balance will be able to register new accounts and pay the fee in CVT equal to the basic monthly subscription plan.

What is the value of CVT ?

CVT inside the Crypviser Network has the same value as global CVN. The cost of monthly subscription in CVT will be automatically calculated based on CVN market rate.

10 useful facts about CVT

- CVT is a native internal token of the decentralized Crypviser communication platform, based on an adapted Bitshares blockchain.

- CVT is required to pay the monthly subscription fee for premium plans. The basic plan cost 4.49 EUR. The cost in CVT will be calculated automatically.

- The CVT price is equal to CVN price. 1 CVT = 1 CVN

- CVT exchange will be available only on the Bitshares DEX, inside the Crypviser App and CV Wallet. It won’t be listed on any external exchanges.

- To purchase CVT, you need to get CVN and then exchange it to CVT

- CVN will be available for exchange only in a pair CVN / CVT at the rate 1: 1

For 1 CVN you can get 1 CVT and the opposite, 1 CVT can be changed to 1 CVN

- CVT can be exchanged back to CVN at any time.

- The total supply of CVT will be the same as CVN, 15.000.000 tokens

- 10.000.000 CVT will be available for exchange.

- The CVT token was issued on the 20 January 2018, after the launch of the Crypviser Network.

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