Crypviser Network 2.0

Crypviser Network 2.0 (“Smart Platform”)

Introducing a new generation of Crypviser Secure Network!

Crypviser Smart Platform (“CSP”) is the next generation of Crypviser Network 2.0, a secure decentralized blockchain designed to provide a wide set of digital services, DeFi protocols, and secure communication features to Enterprise businesses, Smart Companies (DAO), and Private Communities. The CSP will bundle and encapsulate the most advanced Web 3.0 technology stack and provide true Cross-blockchain interoperability, Economic and transactional scalability, User-driven network governance, powerful DeFi features, and Professional security encryption protocols and technologies.

Crypviser Secure Network was originally built on Graphene Blockchain Core (DPOS) and launched in July 2018. Crypviser Secure Network is a decentralized encrypted network for secure social and business communication. It has no central server, no single server to block or turn off, and no central point of attack. The Crypviser Network is global with open-source blockchain nodes, allowing communities to run public Master(Witness) nodes.

Today, Crypviser Secure Network powers the Crypviser Secure Messenger, Crypviser DPKI (“Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure”), and Automated Encryption(“AE”) protocol.

New features in the Crypviser Smart Platform

In addition to a wide set of the existing features, Crypviser intends to start developing and introduce the following new, exciting, and most wanted solutions in the new generation of Crypviser Smart Platform and Crypviser Secure Messenger 2.0

1. Decentralized Group Chats and Calls

Crypviser introduces the first-ever secure group chats and conference calls through a decentralized end-to-end encryption “DPKI” model. Any other existing group communication solution is based on centralized servers or hosted cloud and hence missing a properly designed security model.

2. Decentralized Content Boards

Decentralized boards introduce a new approach to user content publishing and sharing. It will allow Crypviser users to create any digital content, such as text messages, photo/video, files, and share on decentralized boards in the Crypviser Secure Messenger. Censorship-resistant, transparent and unfiltered user-created content will be securely stored in the Crypviser Smart Platform through a decentralized Web 3.0 data-storage protocol.

Board owners can manage access to the content in public and private mode. In the public mode, the content will be available to everyone, whereas in the private mode the data will be encrypted and owners must authorize specific users by their public keys through the Crypviser DPKI authentication model. Content creators may monetize their work by selling subscriptions or charging a fee in CVT for a number of content views or sharing in P2P mode. Different billing models will be available for content creators.

The financial transactions between content seller and buyer will be handled through a smart contract in HECO Chain, which eliminates fraud activities. When the user lists an item for sale on the board, the item content will be encrypted with the seller’s public key and safely stored in decentralized storage. Once the buyer’s transaction in CVT is confirmed, the smart contract will initiate re-encryption of the content with the buyer’s public key. Afterward, the content will be accessible to the buyer. The seller may protect the content from being exported by locking it in the Crypviser Secure messenger or allow sharing for an extra fee. The Crypviser Smart Platform will be charging content sellers a small fee (%) for each sale.

3. Crypviser Secure Vault

Allows to securely store sensitive & confidential data and notes in the Crypviser Smart Platform in a decentralized manner. The Secure Vault provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use encrypted data access and sharing solution through the Crypviser Secure Messenger.

Crypviser Secure Vault gives peace of mind; one never needs to worry about losing or leaking confidential personal or business data due to any failures, mistakes, or attacks.

4. NFT Token Market (“Stickers”)

An NFT tokens support will be enabled in the Crypviser Secure Messenger. It will allow users to add unique visual and animated stickers to the Crypviser secure chats in NFT HRC721 format. The user-created stickers bound to the NFT tokens will be coded and stored in HECO Chain in the public or encrypted(private) format. Public NFT stickers will be available to all Crypviser users, whereas the encrypted(private) stickers only to the creator. The NFT stickers can be traded, transferred, rented, or sold on decentralized boards.

The Crypviser Smart Platform will be charging a fee in CVT for creation of and trading operations with NFT stickers. The fee will be dependent on the type, format, and size of the sticker. The use of NFT stickers in chat messages will be free.

5. Crypviser Mobile Wallet and CVPay 2.0

Transformation of the Crypviser tokenomics from Bitshares platform to the Huobi HECO Chain will enable support for HRC20 and ERC20 tokens in the Crypviser Mobile Wallet and CVPay. By default, Crypviser Wallet will be supporting CVT, HT, ETH, CVNX, and other trendy tokens of the HECO ecosystem. However, Crypviser users may manually add(list) any token to the wallet in HRC20/ERC20 format.

Low-fee instant token transfers between Crypviser users will be available through CVPay.

6. CVSWAP DeFi Feature

Integrated CVSWAP protocol in the Crypviser Secure Messenger will allow easy SWAP of CVT stablecoin to the pegged liquid assets, such as ETH, HT, HUSD, CVNX, etc. Third-party projects may create UIS(“User Issued Stablecoin”) in the HECO chain and enable swap support of their assets in the Crypviser Secure Messenger through CVSWAP protocol.

Enterprise Business Features

Crypviser White-Label Business Edition (

Crypviser offers fully customized White -label development services to enterprise companies designed for critical business infrastructure protection and secure data exchange.

Crypviser White -label is the first enterprise solution that utilizes Blockchain technology to provide unique levels of security and privacy and introduces a Decentralized Public Keys Infrastructure (“DPKI”) model for user authentication and data protection against MiTM (“Man-in-the-Middle”) attacks.

Crypviser White -label solution allows companies to apply enterprise branding design, logo, color scheme, and supports solid UI/UX style to employees and partners. It also allows companies to customize any feature and add new functionalities according to their business requirements.

The White -label solution is available in different packages: Blockchain-cloud, Dedicated Network, and On-Premise Private Blockchain.

Decentralized Data Sharing

In the Crypviser Smart Platform, data and content sharing have never been more secure and stress-free. Access to the encrypted files, documents, notes, and media is handled by DPKI (“Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure”), which allows authorizing users through their unique public keys. Public keys are stored in the CSP Blockchain, whereas the private keys are located only on the user’s devices. There is no centralized client-server login, and no central point of authentication, which eliminates centralized infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Along with the Crypviser Secure Vault, it provides the following essential advantages:

High-security level: All kinds of content/data encrypted on the end-user private key and stored in a decentralized network.

Authorized Access Sharing: Password-less content/data sharing to authorized persons through public key authentication belonging to a specific person. No other parties will be able to get access to the content/data. Copyrights protection/Privacy control: All kinds of content (video/photo/documents)can be protected from unauthorized usage by locking into the Crypviser Secure Messenger in an encrypted format. In other words, the locked content can be accessed only through the Crypviser Secure Messenger.

Data Tracking: The user’s content can be marked and protected by cryptographic digital watermarks containing metadata, such as the author’s name, confidentiality level, date/time, etc. It can be used to trace the data sharing and easily find the source of possible data leakage. The digital watermarks are not visible to the end-users and cannot be removed by third parties.

CSP DPKI (“Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure”)

The CSP DPKI solution is a novel approach to build decentralized, highly secure PKI systems, where blockchain acts as a decentralized public key value storage. It is capable of securing the data read to prevent MITM attacks and to minimize the power of third parties. By bringing the power of blockchain technology to the DPKI, it resolves certain issues of traditional PKI systems.

The decentralized nature of the DPKI management framework can tackle the problems with the traditional CA(“Certificate Authorities”) through certificate revocation, eliminating single points of failure, and reacting fast to misuses of trusted third-parties centralized CAs. CSP DPKI is able to make issuing corporate digital certificates (“public-key certificate”) transparent, immutable, and effectively prevent MITM attacks.

The solution is designed to issue and manage decentralized Crypviser Certificates for enterprise-grade applications, which require a public key exchange to establish secure connections for encrypted data exchange, instead of using the outdated, traditional TLS/SSL protocols on centralized PKI models.

The Crypviser Certificates are fully compatible with X.509 standard digital and root certificates, which allow integration into existing software without core changes.

Crypviser Smart Platform Business Model 2.0

Decentralized Governance

The new business model of Crypviser Smart Platform will be governed by CVNX token holders over the voting procedures.

CVNX governance token holders will be voting to define the platform operational fees, features, and settings, such as

- paid subscription plans fees
- transaction fees
- in-app purchase fees
- earnings pool distribution plan
- witness nodes rewards fee
- FREE plan features set
- development roadmap
- new features deployment
- CVNX stacking pool rewards
- CVT pegged asset pools
- CVSWAP and CVPay transactions fee


FREE and Commercial Subscription Plans

As part of the business model transformation, Crypviser will introduce a free subscription model in the Crypviser Secure Messenger with a limited set of features.

Crypviser will get a FREE version!

Thus, the current set of basic features (chats, audio/video calls, media/data sharing, etc.) and some local security features will become available to users for free. A fully functional version with all the new features of Crypviser Smart Platform 2.0 will be available on a paid subscriptions.
Free plan users would be able to enable specific paid features through the in-app purchase.

The paid subscription fees and costs of available features via in-app purchase in CVT will be determined by a vote of CVNX Holders.

CSP Earnings Pool Distribution

Crypviser Smart Platform earnings in CVT will be deposited in special earnings pools and quarterly distributed to the CVNX holders according to their holding stakes.
The allocation size (max. 25%) from the earning pools to the CVNX holders will be defined through voting polls.

The reward fee of the Crypviser Smart Platform Witness nodes will be determined by CVNX holders ( up to 15% from the earnings pool).

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