Crypviser migrates to Huobi ECO Chain

CVN Transformation Plan Update

We are delighted to announce, that within the CVN transformation plan framework the Crypviser tokenomics will be migrating from the Bitshares platform (BTS) to Huobi ECO Chain (HECO).

The Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) is a public chain infrastructure of the Huobi Global Open Platform for users, assets, and developers. Relying on the world’s largest digital asset trading ecosystem, HECO will serve as a hotbed for the development of innovative technologies and business models and aspires to grow into a robust ecosystem for technology development, promotion, and digital asset exchange.

We will be conducting Integration to the Huobi ECO Chain in the following stages:

CVNX Governance Token smart-contract deployment

As previously announced in CVN Transformation Plan, the CVNX Governance Token will confer holders the power to influence decisions concerning the core platform, product or feature roadmap, business plan, propose or decide on new features, and changes to the system parameters.
The primary purpose of the CVNX is to give control back to users. Holders of CVNX tokens can suggest or influence critical decisions about the blockchain project through a voting mechanism.

The main advantages of CVNX Governance token are:
- ERC20 compatibility
- Listing and trading on traditional crypto exchanges without legal restrictions
- The voting rights to holders on all key technical parameters and the business operation model
- Commercial profit sharing to token holders
- Compatibility with DeFi features
- Liquidity mining (Farming) and swap through DeFi pools
- Listing and trading on DEX (e.g. Uniswap)

CVNX token metrics and distribution supply

Contract type: ERC20 governance
Total supply: 60.000.000 CVNX
Circulation supply: up to 50.000.000 CVNX

Allocated distribution pools:
- CVN ERC20 and CVN BTS SWAP: 15.000.000 `
- Liquidity support and DeFi pools: 10.000.000
- Crypviser 2.0 development pool: 10.000.000
- CVNX Stacking pool: 10.000.000
- Reserve pool (locked): 10.000.000
- CVT swap pool: 5.000.000


In order to simplify the Crypviser tokenomics model the CVN ERC20 contract and CVN BTS tokens will be swapped to a single CVNX Governance Token.

The CVN ERC20 and CVN BTS token swap to CVNX will be performed automatically on Huobi Global and HitBTC exchanges on a 1:1 basis.

CVN BTS holders in Bitshares wallet would be able to swap through a bridge gateway.
CVN ERC20 tokens stored on cold/online wallets (e.g. Etherwallet, MetaMask) can be swapped by sending them to a special smart-contract address.

Detailed instructions for CVN ERC20 and CVN BTS token holders will be given in time for the swap.

CVT transformation to a Stablecoin on HECO Chain

The CVT (Crypviser Network Token) powers the Crypviser Network business model as a “gas” fee for blockchain public-key authentication transactions and Crypviser Secure Messenger subscriptions.

For better CVT adoption and introduction of DeFi features and new capabilities in Crypviser 2.0 (Smart Platform), we are aimed to transform CVN BTS(CVT) to a Stablecoin on Huobi ECO Chain backed by liquid ERC20 and HECO HRC20 assets, such HT, ETH, HUSD, CVNX

The transformation of CVT will be processed by re-issuing the CVT in HECO Chain as a HRC 20 smart contract, which will be pegged to available liquid assets (ETH, HT, HUSD, CVNX) through a CVSWAP protocol.
The CVSWAP(“Simple SWAP Protocol”) is designed to provide automated liquidity support and swap features for stablecoin projects on Huobi ECO Chain.

The stable price of CVT will be equal to €1

The CVSWAP protocol will allow Crypviser users to swap CVT to the default pegged assets (ETH, HT, HUSD, CVNX) at a fixed rate of €1 in a secure mobile multi-wallet anytime.
The stable price of CVT at €1 will be supported by transparent liquidity pools mapped to the CVSWAP protocol.
The list of pegged assets in liquidity pools might be revised and adjusted by voting of CVNX governance token holders.

IMPORTANT! The original CVT token in the Crypviser Network has to be swapped to CVNX through a gateway on a 1:1 basis and burned afterward.

Detailed instructions for CVT swap to CVNX will be given in prior, to processing the swap.
Please stay tuned for more information and details about Crypviser 2.0 (“Smart Platform”) and CVSWAP protocol in the next public releases.

HECO Integration Roadmap


In summary, the key goals of the Crypviser tokenomic integration to the Huobi ECO Chain are the following:

- Migration from the Bitshares(BTS) platform to a more advanced and actual Huobi ECO Chain.
- Simplify and regulate CVN tokenomics models for private and institutional traders and investors
- Launch of CVNX Governance Token in favor of more decentralization and community-driven power
- Transformation of Crypviser core token CVT to stablecoin for wide adoption and introduction of new features in Crypviser 2.0 (“Smart Platform”)
- Introduction of a new useful DeFi protocol CVSWAP in HECO Chain eco-system
- Enable DeFi features and increase the number of use cases in Crypviser 2.0 (“Smart Platform”)
- Deeper integration to Huobi Global Ecosystem and communities

Follow us to stay tuned for the further updates

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