2nd Anniversary Event

Crypviser & Community

Crypviser will be celebrating its 2nd year Anniversary on the 20th May at 18.30 CET (Berlin Time), along with the long awaited Official Release for Android. With the release of Crypviser Secure Messenger for Android platform, Crypviser has achieved the main milestone set from its ICO, and many, many more.

This will be streamed on Crypvisers Youtube Channel

Crypviser is celebrating the achievement of the main ICO milestones, which was for the development of the most secure, decentralized and anonymous unified communication dApp, with superior privacy and security features. Of all the main unique advantages that Crypviser Secure Messenger has, the automated encryption through decentralized public key exchange and authentication based on the CSMP(“Crypviser Secure Messaging Protocol”) is what gives Crypviser Secure Messenger a distinct advantage over all the rest.

Though many other tasks and hurdles were cleared along the way, let us not forget that Crypviser was not putting out just Another Messenger, they had numerous security aspects, encryption protocols and on top of it all, Blockchain Technology.

Durning the Livestream we will take a look back at the beginning, to where we are now, and to where we will go in the future. Big Plans will be announced along with a surprise or two.

This will be an informal and fun evening with many old faces and some new faces, all proud and committed Crypviser employees.

This event will be held in Multiple languages, English, Russian and German. If you would like to submit a question to be read live during the stream please follow the link below, the questions can be in English, German, or Russian. Given that this is going to be a celebration, we would like to invite you to take part. We have setup, just for this event, a Crypviser Skype ID. This will allow everyone to ask questions, make suggestions, or just say Congratulations.

Just do a search for Crypviser on Skype and you’ll find us.

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Whatever you do, and whatever it takes, don’t miss out on this event.

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