On the 25th and 26th of September, Crypviser attended the BlockCrypto Conference in Sao Paulo Brazil. In attendance were CEO Vadim Andyran, Head Android Developer and Architect Yudhisthira Attry, and CCO Mark Babbitt.

Mark Babbitt gave a presentation focusing on Free Messaging Apps and the true costs that people pay for using these services, their privacy. He talked about how Crypviser is entering this market with an Old Fashioned Idea, producing a product and then selling that product. He proudly relayed to the audience the technology that Crypviser has created, and the fact that they have eliminated the three plus decade old issues with End to End Encryption.

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Mr. Babbitt was able to communicate to the people in a clear, articulate fashion, and hit hard the notion that “Even though people claim to care about their privacy, their actions say something entirley different.” This gave many pause. He allowed people to think about his words, pausing and letting the information sink in. He was able to clearly get the message across that each and every one, using these messaging apps, where not only giving their information to these companies, but also they were giving all their friends information out also.

After the speech he gave an Interview to Andrea Ciaffone, Editor-In-Chief of MOEDA , an online Brazilian Blockchain Newspaper.

Here is a part of the interview:

“Algumas questões eternas, como o direito à privacidade, foram o ponto de partida de Mark Babbitt, Chief Communication Officer, comunicasse os diferenciais do aplicativo Crypviser, que além de permitir comunicação realmente inviolável, também vai atuar como wallet de criptomoedas.”

English translation:

“Some eternal issues, such as the right to privacy, were the starting point for Mark Babbitt, Chief Communication Officer, to communicate the differentials of the Crypviser application, which, in addition to allowing truly inviolable communication, will also act as a crypto-coin wallet.”

We received many compliments about Mr. Babbitts speech.

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Empire Hotels CEO Renato Dimarzio, and the whole Crypviser team had long discussion about how Crypviser Technology is exactly what this new and upcoming company needs, a secure authentication model which could be implemented in hardware with the ability to communicate with a mobile device.

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CEO Vadim Andryan had an interesting discussion with a Business Developer from Microsoft and a Project Manager from Bosch. Mark Babbitt spent time with Stan Larimer The Godfather of Bitshares, and Michael Taggart from Quintric, the latter of the two presented the new BEOS blockchain, a combination of EOS and Bitshares. Mr. Larimer talked about The Evolution of Censorship Resistance, and the “Fictional Possibility” of, “nodes may eventually run in the following locations: on a satellite in space, on a ship at sea, in Utah, and in Ireland.” The three talked late into the evening, and the following morning Stan, Michael, Vadim and Mark sat down over lunch and, talked.

All in all the event was well worth the trip, new relationships were had, and new possibilities were discovered.

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