Crypviser, Full Speed Ahead!

We have a lot to talk about, so get comfortable, grab some popcorn and let the good news begin.

First Things First:

Screenshot Protection:

This is one of the most awesome features to date.

Similar to the feature Screenshot Notification on IOS and Android which notifies you if someone has taken a screenshot of your chat, this feature will totally eliminate the possibility of screenshots being taken. While Screenshot Notification is a great feature by helping us filter out those who might not be so trustworthy, Screenshot Protection takes your Privacy and Security one step further by eliminating the possibilities of your chats showing up somewhere they were not intended to be.

This feature will block the phones native ability to take screen shots. If one tries to capture a screenshot they will get a notification, “Screenshot not possible”.

Screenshot protection will also render any 3rd party screenshot application impotent. Using a 3rd party application to take screenshots, when screenshot protection is activated, will only result in a screenshot of a wonderful Black Screen.

Crypviser is always, and tenaciously moving forward in developing new technology to keep your communications private and secure.

Screenshot Protection: This new feature can be activated in the Security and Privacy settings within a selected chat.

This new feature is currently supported on Android only.

Multi Language Support:

As of July 19th Crypviser Secure Messenger is now also avaliable in Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese for Android. IOS currently supports English, German and Russian. We believe that this move will increase usability for those whos native language is not English, and users will be more apt to tell their friends and spread the word. On-Line advertisements will also be going out in numerous languages.

It would be a misstep to run a Spanish/Russian/Chinese/ etc, advertisement and direct the readers to an English Website, which is why we have created Multiple Landing Pages for each language and specific target groups.

Of course we still have our Main Web Site which is a great source for overall information, one that speaks to everyone. However specific groups, which all have their specific needs and wants required something different.

Landing Pages in Multiple Languages.


Our goal has been to create Landing Pages that speaks not only about Crypviser Secure Messenger but also speaks to the people. With that in mind what better way to speak to the people of Spain than:


We wanted to touch the National Pride of the people, along with including a section of their country’s constitution, which refers to “Privacy in Communications”, hence the title “Champions of Privacy” a connection with their 1st Place World Cup Title and European Championships 1st place title.


We took the Spanish theme and incorporated it into the Portuguese Landing Page. We also focused on Privacy, highlighting the numerous features such as the Lock Chat, Hide Chat, Self Destructing messages and others.


Our German speaking landing page was geared towards Quality and Security, something that Germans take seriously.

We focused on the extra Security features within Crypviser, relayed that Crypviser Secure Messenger is 100% DSVGO compliant, something which is very big in Germany, along with adding a section of the German Constitution about the security in communications.

Of course one main point to cover on the German Landing Page is that Crypviser GmbH is a German Company. It is a matter of pride to Germans that BMW , Mercedes, and Porsche are all German Products. Along with Bosch, Siemens, and a slew of others, Crypviser will become another German Product they can be proud of.


This was a tough one. How to promote a Secure, Private, Anonymous messenger to the Chinese Market. We reached out on this one to get some native insight, and in the end we focused on Cryptocurrency and the integrated wallet built into Crypviser. We also talked about how more and more BTS tokens will be available to store, receive and send with the wallet. Of course we also mention the privacy and security features, though those are not the main focal point for this page.

One hurdle we had to overcome is the limited access to the Google Play Store within China. In order to circumvent this we have included a direct APK download link for Android Devices. Crypviser Secure Messenger will also be available on local Chinese marketplaces like Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. By taking these steps we are assured that the 79% Android Marketshare in China will have access to Crypviser Secure Messenger, the most Private and Secure Messenger, Period.

Tailor Made Landing Pages


“In English”

“In Russian”

Who, if not anyone, would care about the Privacy and Security of their text messages if not a Politician? Last years German Politician hack. Angela Merkel’s conversations being spied upon. Hillary Clintons private e-mail server seized. The list goes on and on.

Libertarian and Free Speech Groups:

“In English”

“In Russian”

Within the U.S, Libertarians (not Liberals) are the group most concerned with Free Speech and the Right To Privacy.

The Russian Libertarian movement is a growing development, there are many demonstrations formed and supported by Russian Libertarians, and unlike having a different agenda than, let’s say conservatives in America and conservatives in German, Libertarians around the world have the same agenda, Personal Freedom.

Cyber Security Specialist:

This customized Landing Page is underway.

Promoting these Landing Pages, along with releasing Crypviser Secure Messenger with multiple language support will be a catalyst for growth and mass adoption.

Continuous updates, new features, streamlined functionality are all in future development plans. Our user base is growing daily and we are gaining recognition and popularity within the cybersecurity field.

Times are changing.

Facebook and WhatsApp are our biggest advertisers. For every time people hear about the newest WhatsApp Hack, or Facebook’s Selling of Personal Information, people look for alternatives. We have the Most Secure and Private Instant Messenger on the market, PERIOD. Heads will turn. People will begin to talk.

Crypviser Secure Messenger, (CSM) will gain market share, we will slowly move our way up surpassing the other so called “Secure Messengers”, simply by offering what is missing.

A Real True Private and Secure form of Instant Communication.

Until next time.

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