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Dear all, we have finished our calculations, answered on all your inquiries and we are ready to publish the numbers:

  • Total coins sold — 4,459,000 CVC
  • Coins reserved for Bounty campaigns — 133 770 CVC
  • Bonuses, gift certificates and other promo for participants — 601 112 CVC
  • Totally coins sold + promo — 5,193,882 CVC
  • Coins unsold (to be distributed among participants) — 4 806 118 CVC

Distribution coefficient

Formula: K=1+NS/S

NS = unsold coins

S = sold coins


K = 1 + 4,806,118 / 5,193,882 = 1,925

So all the investments made will be multiplied by 1.925.
If you had 100 CVC, you will get 192.5 CVC.

Today we are going to assign tokens for Bounty campaigns. We gladly inform you, that EVERYONE registered at will receive 1.14 CVC (Newsletter Bounty campaign).

Attention! In order to get CVC tokens to your wallet, you need to specify your Bitshares wallet Account Name. Please check this video

How to create Bitshares account for CVCoin wallet

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