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On November 8th Crypviser performed a Live Stream Event including an Ask Me Anything. This article is a recap of all that was said in respect to Crypvisers plans for the future and the questions raised and answers given during the AMA. Hope you enjoy it.

The full live stream you can watch on Youtube

The event started with a greeting from Crypvisers CCO Mark Babbitt, in which he introduced the newest member of the Crypviser Team, CBO Gareth Leggett, who has taken the helm for the Commercial Operations of Crypviser. Mr. Babbitt then laid out the format which the Live Stream would follow, what was to be covered about past events to future plans.

Mark Babbitts opening statements were to be expected from him. He spoke passionately about the importance of Secure and Private communications, touching on everything from State Sponsored Surveillance programs to the commercialisation of peoples Privacy and Data.

Free messaging Apps and free social networking sites were also touched upon, bringing up the ever now repeated question “If these services are free, how do these companies survive?” Mr. Babbitt boldly, compared the Users of these services to Junkies, and the providers of these services as dealers, however when we really look deep at the comparison, sorry to say but, it does fit.

He even went as far as to comparing People to Cattle at an auction. Where everybody’s Privacy and Data is being bid upon, openly, publicly to the highest bidder. WOW, that is an eye-opening fact.

I wish more people would talk about this, for it has become the staple for a lot of companies, instead of charging a reasonable, justifiable fee for a product, they give it out for free, get people hooked, and then sell off everything about the person, again and again and again.

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He then touched on the ever-increasing Censorship Issue which is sweeping across the internet. Videos being taken down, text being removed from posts, etc. However he was sure to hit hard the fact that “People have no reason to complain, for the service which they Post these Videos or Text upon are free. By using these Free services you must adhere to the Rules and Regulations of that service.” We can only guess that he was hinting at the soon to be released Crypviser Channels, a censorship-free model.

The last point which he spoke about was solutions to these problems, in which he stated that:

“ We can not look to Governments to help us with these issues, for they are the Catalyst behind the problems which we face. We can not look to different Privacy Organisations either, for though they give us good Tips on how to protect our privacy, they offer no solutions.”

He ended on a positive note, claiming that “More and more people are waking up to the fact that, yes they have become a product, and yes my information is being sold.”

Mr. Babbitt then relinquished the stage and Gareth Leggett introduced Crypvisers strategy for the future.

Right away Mr. Leggett reiterated Mr. Babbitts statements by saying that: “Crypviser believes that Everyone has the right to privacy, and it’s our mission to bring that through to everybody.”

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He brought into focus that almost all of these free to use services, Messangers, Social Networking Apps, all have access to your Contact list, your Phonebook, etc, and raised the point that whether or not your Contacts want their information shared, they have no say in the matter.

He continued with Crypvisers Mission Statement :

Secure, Private Messaging for Everybody.

The two then had a conversation which started with Gareth pointing out that:

“If you are not paying for a product, then YOU are the product”

Mark replied to this statement with a metaphor, claiming that:

“Crypviser is akin to a Carpenter, who builds a product and then sells that product, an age-old business model.” The two agreed on the point that the “Free” price we pay to use the other Messengers on the market is not Free, in fact the price we pay is much higher, it’s our Privacy.

The Road Map:

Mr. Leggett proceeded to discuss the plans of Crypviser, starting with the point that “Ideas are not enough” and continuing with, “ role within the organization is to take the Idea of Crypviser, and make that solution of Secure, Private, Messaging to everybody.”

In order to do achieve this Crypviser will take the role as a Client Centric Company, addressing the needs of their customers and users, and knowing the needs and wants of its customers is half the battle. He talked about a reorganization of the company, breaking it down into smaller units to focus on either the Messeging aspect, the Security aspect or the Authentication aspect. In doing so it has enabled to company to focus more on the needs of the individual units and their respective customers.

Mr. Leggett touched on the point that Crypviser really does listen to its customers, which in turn has truly helped the company plan for its future by planning updates, features, and options which its customers would like to see.

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He cautioned that a lot of startups fail to reach their goal due to losing their focus. However he proclaimed that everyone at Crypviser “.. has a dedicated, laser-like focus on what it is we are looking to achieve, and that’s what makes the company stand out from everybody else..”

After examining numerous factors, such as the market, user groups, target groups, pricing, features, etc, Gareth came to the point that Everyone needs Secure, Private, Messaging. From the family to the business professional to large corporations. However, as Gareth stated “..we can’t boil the oceans..” Therefore a plan was devised to go from the early adopters, the Crypto/Blockchain , security enthusiast, to the mainstream, the average everyday person. A step by step, a one foot in front of the other plan was created, one that will ensure stable growth and development.

We all know that the market is saturated with FREE instant messaging services. We all know that FREE isn’t really FREE. We all know that most people, the major majority of people, have lived their entire lives with FREE Instant Messaging services. However we also know that these services are not Secure, are not truly FREE, and have turned us all into products. Crypvisers plan to is offer people a True Secure Messenger, with a level of security and privacy that only Heads of States could afford, to everybody. There are some services out there, Pay To Use Messengers, ranging anywhere from $9.95 to over $20.00 a month, though none of them have a Blockchain Authenticated Model ensuring a complete Anonymous and Secure communication model.

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Gareth mentioned that when it came to a pricing structure: “for the features that are in the solution and the security that’s there, honestly we could have charged around $20.00-$30.00 , and we would have got subscribers, however that doesn’t quite fit in with the requirments of what we are trying to do, which is to make this available to everybody.” Therefore in keeping with the vision, Crypviser had decided to offer their Secure Messenger for the monthly price of 4.49 Euro, with the further promise of special Promotions during the commercial launch.

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There is also an option to pay for the Crypviser Secure Messenger in a 3,6, or 12 month package, reducing the price from 5% to a whopping 20% for a 12 month subscription.

This is cheaper than 1 cup of coffee a month.

Is your Privacy worth this much?

After revealing the new pricing structure, Mark and Gareth ignored the Camera and started chatting amongst themselves about the need to make this available for everyone, not just the selected few, not just the ones who have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for this level of Security and Privacy, but for everyone to be able to ensure their communications remain private and secure. Gareth continued on this train of thought mentioning that: “..the easiest way to protect something (in regards to personal data) is not to collect it in the first place.” Crypviser collects not one piece of personal information on its users, no Mobile Number, no Email Address, no Names, nothing.

The conversation then shifted to Public Awareness in which they talked about the numerous events that they had attended. Mr. Babbitt spoke about Crypvisers recent event in Brazil and numerous other countries and locations throughout the year. Mr. Babbitt stated that “..another aspect of going to these events is you meet a lot of other companies and this has, for us, this has created a door to be able to work with a lot of companies who have, perhaps, this wonderful idea but they are missing this one aspect, “we don’t know how to secure this.”” He continued to talk about meeting some very influential people and said“..things will come from these meetings”, hmm I wonder what this could be?

They spoke about numerous publications to media interviews to Mark even mentioning that he has reached out to American Politicians, offering them the Free use of Crypviser Secure Messenger as a solution to keep their communications Private, referring back to an embarrassing moment in an Americans Politicians E-Mail scandal. Ha, that was a good one!

November will mark the 2nd distribution of the Android Closed Beta version of the Crypviser Secure Messanger along with the establishment of the CVcoin Foundation.

November 22nd, CVcoin ERC20 is to be listed on CoinTiger, a new cryptocurrency exchange, based in Singapore. Unlike some other companies in the cryptoverse, they are not only focused on local clients.

In December the commercial launch of the Crypviser Secure Messenger with the integrated Fiat Payment for IOS will commence, along with the Android Public Beta release on Google Play, complete with IOS compatibility.

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Introduction of Road Map for Everyone was introduced. This is a way that everyone and anyone can help Crypviser Improve their Secure Messenger. All one needs to do is send an email to and put in Road Map in the Subject Line. Send Crypviser your thoughts, your suggestions, etc, for as Gareth and Mark said, to become a true Client Centric Company, they need to listen to the users.

Ask Me Anything:

The second part of the Live Stream was devoted to an Ask Me Anything, when people could submit their questions via Facebook or Telegram to the team. What follows is a list of questions which were asked and the corresponding reply.

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Question 1: How will you prevent people to create a new account every month to get it free ?

Answer: We don’t have any mechanism to prevent this, however one would have to manually re-build their contact list every time they did this. It would be like creating a New E-Mail address every month and then notifying all of your contacts of your new address, very inconvenient and time-consuming.

Question 2: How is the anonymity of users preserved when paying with Crypto or Fiat Money?

Answer: This is a very good question, there is a difference in the level of anonymity when paying with Fiat or Cvcoin. When paying with Fiat currency, yes, Apple or Google Play knows that a person has Bought the APP, to them you are not anonymous. To Crypviser however, we know the APP was bought, however we do NOT KNOW the persons Crypviser ID, we can not put the 2 and 2 together. Everyone who downloads the App leaves a trail, however paying with CVcoin, the continuous use of the App is unknown to Apple and Google Play, Crypviser is aware that Johnq123 is using the App, however Crypviser doesn’t know who Johnq123 is, they have No Way Of Knowing Who Johnq123 is. Even with the combined forces of Apple or Google Play and Crypviser, there still is no way of knowing Who is Who. So, in short, the continuous use of Crypviser, paid with Fiat, leaves a trail that you are using the App, though NOT WHO YOU ARE. Paying with CVcoin for continuous use leaves NO TRAIL WHATSOEVER.

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Question 3: Based on what criteria will you choose witnesses, who are not foundation members?

Answer: To become a witness of the Crypviser Network the applicant should hold at least 50.000 CVT/CVN on the account. For Crypviser community members the required amount is 25.000 CVT/CVN. Please see announcement:

Question 4: When will Crypviser start its commercial release?

Answer: December, this year.

Question 5: What is the main duty, or the purpose, of the CVcoin Foundation, what will be done by the members, and when will the foundation be fully established and publicly announced?

Answer: The roles and duties of the CVcoin Foundation will be to market the Cryptocurrency CVcoin, create promotions, getting the coin listed on more exchanges and everything that is associated with the Cryptocurrency CVcoin. This will give Crypviser the time it needs to solely focus on our Secure Messenger, Updates, Implementing New Features, Entering New Markets, Marketing, Promotion Plans, Event Bookings, everything that has to do with the Product. The Foundation will be fully established and announced in November.

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Question 6: What do you have in mind for marketing?

Answer: We have a comprehensive marketing plan based around the different user groups, the Crypto enthusiasts, the privacy enthusiasts down to the family groups. We will be working with standard marketing channels to social media channels, different live events such as conventions, articles in various magazines geared toward these different user groups.

Question 7: Any news about Group Chat Channel Function?

Answer: I can say that we have already started on it, the architect and design is done. We will give more details about its release in the next Live Stream (announcement).

Question 8: Can you explain how the registration nodes work?

Answer: This was explained in our article, however, registration nodes are a core part of the Crypviser Network, they provide the ability for registration of new users. As we have said many times, Crypviser is fully decentralized and there is no central point of registration, which means every node of Crypviser can be used for registration. Due to that it will help Crypviser become Un-Blockable.

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Question 9: What kind of adoption rate can we expect within the next three months?

Answer: As of now we have the early adopters of our Crypviser Secure Messenger, however within the first 3 months we will have promotions which will help to increase the number of users.

Question 10: Are any free CVN being distributed to Cointiger or its members.

Answer: Every exchange which you list your Cryptocurrency on expects some coins free to use for promotional purposes.

Question 11: Will the website be upgraded?

Answer: Yes. Yes. Absolutely. We have been working with a team to update the site and it will not only look great but will be full of information, tech-savvy, pricing, promotion updates, everything will be updated.

That’s A Wrap!

Crypvisers live stream covered numerous topics, relayed a lot of information to its community, and soon to be new users. There was a constant theme throughout, Privacy, where has it gone?

You can tell by listening to the team members that this theme, this topic of the loss of privacy, the selling of peoples private information has gone too far. People have become products.

The right to privacy is given away, unknowingly, for the use of an App. This message I am sure they will be singing out, at the top of their lungs for all to hear and I am sure they will be joined by a choir of Awakened People.

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