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Dear Crypviser community and followers,

Here we are at the end of 2017, and so we would like to give you an update with our current development milestones and expected release dates.

Crypviser blockchain- based iOS Beta release for social communication has been our main achievement this year. It has turned out to be great and includes some revolutionary features

- Truly decentralized and secure
- Fully anonymous — no more registration with phone numbers or verification
- All — in — one unified ecosystem
- Safe financial and communication environment
- Easy to use — deeply updated progressive UI/UX
- CrypID technology tethered to biometric parameters/fingerprints or password for securing independent local storage from spywares and malwares

No more registration, authorization and authentication through centralized servers. Crypviser Network is based on an adopted and modified Bitshares platform.

It is currently in internal testing mode and will be available for public download in the middle of January 2018. The Beta release will be distributed according to the following plan and will be available for CVCOIN only.

- FREE for all ICO participants who bought 1500 CVCOIN or more
- To all ICO participants for 10 CVCOIN (one time — fee)
- To all CVCOIN holders, who purchased CVCOIN after the ICO and have in their wallet a balance of at least 100 CVCOIN (one — time fee 10 CVCOIN will be charged)

The Android Beta planned to be released end of January 2018.

CV Wallet & CVPay — the most secure and user — friendly multicurrency wallet for safe management, exchange and fund transfers, including tokens issued on Bitshares platform.
The main advantage of the CV Wallet is to have the possibility to store, exchange, trade and transfer funds without moving the funds to third — party exchanges and losing control over the private keys. It’s a “cold” wallet with an integrated decentralized exchange.
Another big advantage of the CV Wallet is the integrated CVPay instant transfer system, which allows you to send CVCOIN in mere seconds.

Crypviser WebSite — the main web portal of Crypviser is currently under construction. Given our current timeline it should be launched in January 2018.
We are reviewing and updating the content and graphics according to the latest development achievements and to match the highest level of quality.
You are welcome to view the photos which will give you an insight on how we create Crypviser from the development center in Mannheim.

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