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3 min readApr 20, 2022
Get ready for the sweet CVNX staking! Buy CVNX NOW!

Dear CVNX Holders and Traders,

We are so excited to introduce the long-awaited CVNX Staking options and terms to you today!

CVNX Staking is the next critical milestone in the Crypviser 2.0 development roadmap, which offer new opportunities for CVNX holders to receive a tangible reward by staking tokens in the growing ecosystem.

The CVNX Staking offers a sweet floating APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of up to 40%!

The floating APR depends on the staking amount size and is subject to adjustment based on the market conditions.

Staking Options

The APR is floating and a subject of change. However, the ARP will be fixed for the active staking period.

Minimum Amount: 1000 CVNX

Staking Periods: 30/60/90 days, 6/9/12 Months

For staking 1000 CVNX — to 100.000 CVNX

Reward APR 40% / 3.3% Monthly

For staking 100.000 CVNX — to 500.000 CVNX

Reward APR 30% / 2.5% Monthly

For staking over > 500.000 CVNX

Reward APR 24% / 2% Monthly

Claiming Reward

The earned CVNX staking rewards can be claimed monthly in CVNX or CVT stable coin. When withdrawing the reward in CVT stable coin, the amount will be automatically converted to $USD (1 CVT = $1USD) at the actual CVNX market price.

You can claim CVNX staking rewards without unlocking the staked tokens. The claimed reward will be automatically deposited to your staking address.

The Launch Date

The CVNX Staking launch date is scheduled for 17th May 2022.

The staking guides and user manuals will be provided in the updated CVNX dApp at

General Staking Terms

  • CVNX staking is fully decentralized through EVM smart contract.
  • CVNX staking/unstaking and reward claiming features will be available in completely redesigned CVNX dApp. The CVNX dApp will provide an easy-to-use and user-friendly Staking dashboard to manage CVNX assets and staking operations, review staking and earning balances, and transactions history.
  • Only one Account/Staking address is allowed per person. In the case of having multiple staking accounts for a single person, only one staking account will be rewarded.
  • The staked tokens will be locked in your ERC20 wallet only, and your locked funds won’t be withdrawn or transferred outside.
  • You can unstake CVNX token after the expiration of the locking(staking) period. Early unlocking is possible in emergency cases only with losing the earned rewards.
  • The staking rewards will be distributed from the allocated pool in CVNX distribution plan. The staking pool will be supplemented by income from the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform and Enterprise sales, trading, and market-making operations.

The complete CVNX staking terms & conditions will be provided on the launch date.

Technical Requirements

To start staking CVNX tokens, you should hold the staking balance in the ERC20 compatible wallet (e.g., MetaMask, TrustWallet). The staking on crypto-asset exchange accounts (e.g., Huobi Global, HitBTC) is not supported.

The detailed instructions and user guides on maintaining the CVNX staking features will be provided on the launch date.


Buy now CVNX/BTC on the Huobi Global Exchange and CVNX/USDT on the HitBTC Market

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