Crypviser(CV) General Marketing and Growth Plan 2019

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As has been demonstrated the Market Analysis, the market for secure communications is growing rapidly. CV are strongly positioned to take advantage of this market and have created and developed a sales and marketing plan to enable the company to grow.

CV has a range of technologies, networks and solutions each of them is capable of generating revenue. To enable the company to focus resources in the most efficient manner and to allow the business to scale CV have adopted a phased GTM (“Go To Market”).

During the period of this plan the following areas are introduced.

New Features: Additional features will be introduced to the Crypviser Secure Messenger(CSM) solution.
New Capabilities: Additional capabilities will be added that open new markets and target users for the solution.
New Target Users: As additional features and capabilities come on line additional target markets will be introduced to the GTM.
New Products: Products, Technologies and Networks outside of the CSM solution will be commercialised and introduced to the GTM.

For the period of this plan the GTM is scheduled as:

GTM1: Q1 — Q2 2019

Solution: CSM
Target Market: B2C Target Users: Individuals, Families, Professionals

GTM2: Q3 — Q4 2019

Solution: CSM Business, CV Core
Target Market: B2C + SME
Target Users: B2B, Big Enterprises, SME, Groups

The information provided below focuses on the GTM1 stage of the CSM solution.

GTM 1 — CSM (Crypviser Secure Messenger)

The first stage of the GTM for CSM is the introduction and growth of the commercial CSM solution. This key phase covers the transition of the product from a free to use beta to a commercial application. Following extensive research the following targets markets have been selected.


Whilst the company will undertake global marketing via social media and other channels to attract users from across the world the proactive focus will be on Germany/Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and CIS(Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc) countries during the initial phase. For the duration of this plan all other global territories Asia and Middle East will be included.

Target User Groups

During the strategic planning stage it was identified that whilst the requirement is for adoption of the solution by mainstream users, the most effective way of achieving this is to target specific user types to build user numbers. The business has identified both “target groups” and “seed groups” to help it achieve this.

The mainstream target user types for GTM1 are:

Everybody! — CV believes that everyone has the right to privacy and that it should be available to all. Families- CSM is an ideal solution to protect family communications and the personal data of the entire family.

Professionals — As well as providing a secure method of communicating with clients CSM helps professionals to protect their clients data.

Whilst targeting the above groups CV will also focus on the following seed groups to build user numbers.

Cryptocurrency Users — As CSM features an integrated secure wallet and allows payments and transfers (CVPay) with cryptocurrency it is an ideal solution.
Journalists — the privacy features in CSM allow journalists to protect their communications and the contract details of their contacts.

Security Professionals — As the worlds most secure messenger CSM is highly valued by security professionals.

Marketing and sales activities are targeted to each of the identified user groups.
For reference the signups required for the specific target groups are shown in Table 1.

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Table 1: Monthly signups to CSM for target and seed groups


Since its commercial launch CSM has operated on a subscription basis. Following extensive research the pricing for CSM is set at:

1 Month Plan — 4.49 EUR/10 CVT
3 Month Plan — 12.49 EUR (5% discount or 4.16 EUR monthly)/30 CVT

6 Month Plan — 22.99 EUR(10 % discount or 3,83 EUR monthly) /60 CVT

12 Month Plan — 42.99 EUR (20 % discount or 3.58 EUR monthly)/120 CVT

All users receive a free one month trial. The use of promotions will affect this pricing and this is discussed in the relevant sections.

Marketing and Promo


Marketing for CSM will occur across multiple channels and will be targeted at the identified target groups. Marketing activities include content creation and distribution, social media content and campaigns, promotions, press and business development activities. Marketing is backed up by analytics and is optimised based on this feedback.


The primary objectives for the Global Marketing Strategy are:

  1. Increase downloads of CSM

2. Increase the percentage of registrations following downloads

3. Increase the number of subscriptions following registration

To deliver the primary objectives the following secondary objectives must be achieved:

  1. Drive visitors to public portals — web, app store, social media pages
  2. Optimise and improve all success factors throughout the sales cycle
  3. Provide content and engagement that drives interactions on social media

4. Build brand awareness

5. Increase organic growth

6. Improve all factors by the use of analytics


CV will use a variety of channels for marketing. These are grouped into the following categories: Paid advertising on social media, Social media and public portals, Press and events

Paid Advertising on Social Media

CSM will be advertised on the following platforms: Google, Linkedin Instagram, Twitter

CV will use a large number of variations for the banner designs, messaging and wording and will apply analytics and optimisation to increase success rates for factors including clicks, shares, downloads etc. In calculating the success rates of these adverts CV have taken historical data and have planned to improve all success factors over the duration of this plan. Examples of a selection of these adverts are shown below in Figure 5.

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Figure 5: Sample paid banner adds

Social Media and Public Portals

CSM maintains a public presence via multiple portals: Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Website App Stores, CV WebSite via SEO, Newswire etc.

These portals have been aligned to ensure consistent messaging. CV engages with visitors by content creation and sharing, advertising and engagement. CV will post content to these channels to encourage engagement.

Press and Events

CV work with press and other media organisations to gain coverage for CSM on the topics of privacy and security. Due to the company’s unique position there is a large audience for the CV story and message. CV will continue to work with authors, publications and media channels to achieve its marketing objectives. CV will also continue to attend and speak at relevant events across the globe.

Messaging Routes

CV use multiple routes to communicate with potential and existing users. Each off these routes are used in the marketing process:

Messages on social media
Push messages and notifications to existing users Emails to the contact database Communications via the CV Telegram channel


To achieve the marketing objectives CV will continue to create educational and informative content on a variety of topics including — security, privacy, messaging, blockchain and free speech. Content is created for each of the target user groups. Content is shared via the channels listed above.


Campaigns are used through the duration of this plan to achieve the marketing goals. Consisting of content, messaging and promotions each campaign is designed to address specific requirements. Examples of campaigns for 2019 include:

Launch — During the Launch period the campaign is based on downloads and registrations. Content continues to be published and business development activities undertaken.

Promo Launch — One month after launch CV move into the Promo Launch stage. At this time the focus shifts to converting registrations to annual paying customers. Promotions feature heavily at this stage including both pricing and feature based promotions.

Get Rewarded — Moving further into 2019 the Get Rewarded campaign will reward users for undertaking certain actions. This encourages users to explore and use CSM.

Invite a friend — organic growth is a key objective. In 2019 the Invite a Friend campaign will encourage and reward users for inviting their contacts to use the app.


CV will use promotions to drive subscriptions. These promotions include:

Pricing — including discounts to encourage users to subscribe for a annual period, special offers and targeted offers

Premium Features — certain features have been locked so they can be offered to new users as part of a promotion.

Subscription Models — as more subscription models are introduced promotions will be targeted around them. An example of this is family billing — this option enables family member to pay for multiple accounts.

Rewards — due to the ability of CSM to receive and store currency CV are able to create promotions that reward users for completing tasks, e.g. inviting 10 friends.

Influencers, Affiliates & Referrals

CV will work with influencers, affiliates and parter organisations to generate downloads. These actives are built into the GTM schedule and technical roadmap.

For all requires and comments, please contact

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