Crypviser Beta Distribution (Update3)

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Technical requirements

iPhone5 or higher (iPad is not supported)
iOS 9.0 >

All Beta applicants who have already installed the first release of Crypviser beta app are required to follow the below procedure.

2. Open TestFlight app and click to “install” the new release of Crypviser Beta v.1.0 (1006)
3. Register a new account in the Crypviser Network. The account name should consist of at least 7 characters and 2 numbers
4. Your balance will be credited automatically for 10 free CVT.
5. 10 CVT will be deducted from your balance to activate the app.
6. To report any bug or leave a feedback, please “shake” your phone and fill the form. You can attach a screenshot in the feedback form.


Fixed bug of uploading an avatar
UI/UX improvements


In the current release the mobile wallet supports CVT token only. CVpay and exchange functionality will be enabled in the future releases after CVcoin(CVN) integration.

Secure video call works in test mode and could affects the stability and could cause a crash in the app.


Save your account backup QR code in safe place! Ideally print it out and store it offline. If you would like the maximum protection, do not keep or share the QR code electronically. You won’t be able to recover or transfer your account to another device without the backup QR code. QR code — is the encrypted and secured private key of your account in the Crypviser Network.

Dont lose your password! If you forget your password, it won’t be possible to restore access to your account. Your account’s private key is protected by this password and to be kept only locally. The Crypviser team does not have access to your private keys and passwords, they are not stored on our servers, so we will have no possibilities to help you. Keep it safe, keep it secure.

By following these two simple rules you do not have to worry about other security measures. Crypviser will take care of the rest and professionally protect your data and communication.

Enjoy :)

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