Crypviser Beta App public distribution

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The beta release of the decentralized Crypviser App for secure social communication will be distributed according the following plan.

-10 CVT(Crypviser Token) is required for testing the Beta release.

(More info about CVT please see here )

-all CVcoin ICO participants who bought > 1500 CVcoin(CVN) will be credited 10 CVT for free.

In honor of the Crypviser Network Open Beta launch, we have decided to make an amazing surprise for all CVcoin holders! All CVcoin holder accounts, who have a balance of 10 CVcoin(CVN) or more as of 20 January 2018, will get 10 CVT for FREE in the Crypviser Network.

To download the Crypviser Beta app, please fill out the application below.

We honestly do appreciate your support and trust.

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