Crypviser begins a partnership with International Training and Research Center (CIEIFM) in Portugal

Crypviser starts cooperation with Fernão de Magalhães International Teaching and Research Center (CIEIFM) in Portugal.


CIEIFM is a education center dedicated to the training and research in several areas, in order to the regional development, the qualification of human resources, health and well-being.
Located in the north region of Portugal, more precisely in Eurocity Chaves-Verín, it wants to be an interchange platform of knowledge between Portugal and Europe and between Europe and the World.

Fernão de Magalhães International Teaching and Research Center (CIEIFM) is actively related with the cultural dynamics that exist, inserting itself and contributing as invigorating agent, thanks through its diverse cultural community, which enriches even more the region where it’s based and the dynamics that exist.
Inspired by modern pedagogical concepts, in which research has a fundamental role, CIEIFM presents itself as a partner of excellence for the global and fully formation of its students and researchers, in the areas of Health, Management, Sciences and Technology and Social Sciences.
With its international agenda, CIEIFM overcomes the borders of traditional models, contributing to the training of the individual as a professional and citizen of the world.

Thanks to partnerships with universities, enterprises and institutional partners from many countries, CIEIFM approaches researchers, investors and communities, in the definition of development’ strategies of territories, in order to transfer technology to resources and actives, transforming them in innovated solutions with extra-value.

Blockchain Training Course

Crypviser’s CTO Vadim Andryan has been invited to lead a Blockchain training course at CIEIFM to bring knowledge of Blockchain and DLT technologies from professionals to the masses.

Thе training course aims to provide the trainees with the insight to incorporate the Blockchain technology into their own business strategy. Nowadays, Blockchain is a critical priority for business and it goes beyond financial assets, once any time type of digital asset can be tracked and traded through the Blockchain. As the technology matures, business leaders need to build towards practically implementing it within their organisations, in order to harness its ability to enable innovative business solutions.

Who is it aimed at?

Business leaders, Managers and Professionals in a broad variety of industries who seek to understand the effects and value of Blockchain on both short and long-term business strategies.

What will I learn?

This course aims to train professionals with a comprehensive understanding of how Blockchain works and its potential impact on economies, financial structures and business. It also aims to drive innovation by integrating Blockchain and DLT applications into business strategy.

The Blockchain Course Brochure

You can apply to this Blockchain Training Course and learn more about the Program Modules and Schedule at

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