Crypviser at Hacken Cup 2018 International Bug Bounty marathon at HackIT2018

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Before going commercial, Crypviser Network and the Crypviser App will be taking on the best of the best EU and International Hacking teams, USA, Netherlands, India, Denmark, Germany, France, Egypt, Ukraine, Sweden etc.

The accredited hackers from the Bug Bounty platform HackenProof have found vulnerabilities in companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo, Apple, Adobe, Uber, Dell, IBM, SANS. They have a wide range of specializations and tools in their arsenal: blockchain, web, mobile, smart contracts, IoT and more. They are Locked and Loaded and ready to perform massive hacking attacks to check the Crypviser Nodes and the Crypviser App for any and all kinds of possible vulnerabilities and security bugs in Kiev, Ukraine.

On 8th October the top 25 hackers will go head to head with the Crypviser Dev Team in a Bug Bounty Marathon. This battle will continue throughout the day, after such time the great hacking marathon, Hacken Cup, will go online and continue for 30 days ! The contest results and honest feedback from the leading hacking team members will be widely publicised in different media sources and publications.

Special attention will be given to Crypviser nodes and it’s open source code before its public release, in October 2018.

Crypviser enters this competition dressed in Full Plate Mail Armor, Sword in hand and ready for battle. “Bring em On!” Crypviser wishes both teams, good luck!

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