Crypviser Appoints New Crypto Development Manager

We at the Crypviser Team are proud to announce that we have appointed Savo Vukcevic (also known as @SavoRPC on Twitter), a finance professional and cryptocurrency expert, as Crypviser’s new Manager of Crypto Development!

We have been actively listening to our community’s feedback, and we have decided to try and drastically improve the cryptocurrency aka token aspect of our project, so the first step we are taking in that direction is bringing onboard top talent and expanding our team by appointing a new Crypto Development Manager.

Mr. Vukcevic possesses a vast experience in the cryptocurrency industry and has previously worked for a multitude of high profile projects including top stablecoins such as Bitcoin Private (BTCP) which was ranked #30 on CoinMarketCap during his tenure there. He has also worked for top stablecoins, and other projects such as Phore (PHR), ANON, XBI, Qredit, Gath3r, and others. He is also experienced in legacy finance and is the founder of RPC Capital, a hedge fund with a diversified portfolio consisting of both crypto and “traditional” / legacy asset classes.

His duties here at Crypviser will include managing day-to-day crypto related operations, overseeing the development of our token, business development, marketing, PR, establishing relations with other projects and outside investors, and most importantly, being responsible for the Crypviser ecosystem and making sure we are constantly adding new features and expanding the ecosystem, as well as more tightly connecting the Crypviser app aspect of our project with the project’s token / cryptocurrency aspect.

Here’s what Savo said about his new role and his plans and expectations moving forward:

“I’m honestly glad to be here, and very thankful to Crypviser for giving me this opportunity. Obviously there’s a lot to work on, but I’m confident we’ll get to where we want to be, I have to admit we were lacking in some areas, particularly when it comes to the cryptocurrency and token part of our project, but that’s okay. One of the things I will try to focus on is trying to make sure the app aspect of the project and the token aspect of the project are more tightly tied together and interlocked, there are also other areas in which we can improve but we need to remember that Crypviser is among the 0.01% or so ICO’s that have actually built a working product and are still in active development, and we have a great, active and massive community and all of that makes my job that much easier. We will try to listen to the community’s feedback on everything and use it as to steer our vision and know where we need to improve and where we need to deliver, because ultimately our community is why we’re all here. But all things considered, I am confident about the future and I am very excited to start working and help make this amazing project even better.”

Savo has immediately started working upon settling in his new position. We are confident that his addition to the team will make meaningful impact and help us improve in targeted areas, and we wish his the best of luck in his new role.

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