CRYPVISER Alpha Test – Impressions

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My first impressions

On Sunday 20th August 2017, the long awaited Crypviser Messaging - App was ready for download to Alpha tester …

… the upcomming blockchain-based Whatsapp-and Telegram -Killer…

yes/no/maybe … let’s say not yet … but read my first impressions about the new messenger.


  • Speed — Crypviser on iOS and iPhone 7 is really quick ans responsive, no stucking movements, wiping gestures, write, open pictures, everything works smooth
  • Security: enyrpcted, blockchain-based and it’s not possible to block it as of the Devslike it’s happening with Whatsapp in China e.g. (unfortunately could not test this yet)
  • Messaging, phone calls, text messages, videos, pictures, voice calls, everything works as you already know it
  • Integrated security features blocking attacks (Man in the Middle Angriffe)

Cons (and Bugs, which will hopefully be resolved soon, or maybe are already resolved):

  • the Keycode confirmation, which should ensure the security of your personal messages, must be confirmed with the chat partner, in the prime version this will happen automatically as I was informed by the Devs
  • currently you can just contact persons you added to your contacts, same for profile pictures that are just visible if you added the chart partner tot he contacts
  • currently starting a chat is just possible by knowing the phone number oft he other one (that will hopefully be changed in the future to a username based feature)
  • the language is currently still a bit mixed from German, Englisch and Russian
  • no usernames available currently
  • the app is vibrating after each text message you receive, no option to turn it off yet

Features I wish to have … maybe just nice to have or MUST-HAVE

  • usernames and contacting anyone via username, without telling your phone number (like it’s handled in Telegram), which will keep your anonymity
  • the app should show which of your contacts use Crypviser or who newly joined it (maybe in addition via push message like Viber und Telegram)
  • parallel use on tablet/web (like Telegram)
  • setting of the language


  • maybe Crypviser is an upcoming opponent for Whatsapp, Telegram and Viber
  • definitely it is a new generation of messenger, based on the blockchain, decentralized, not possible to control by any state

I see Crypviser especially at the beginning in countries where messengers are controlled or blocked, like China. The Alpha-App already programmed in a solid way I assume the current bugs are resolved quickly, what happened already to some I reported to the Devs.

Currently and in the near future it probably won’t be a danger to Whatsapp and Telegram, especially as not all the 1.3bn users will move over to Crypviser directly.

The base is good and especially in the named regions or also in business with confidential information, Crypviser may move tot he fast lane.

Following some screenshots to have a first visible impression what is coming up…

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