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4 min readJan 31, 2022

Dear Crypviser community and followers

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Crypviser 2.0 Development Roadmap 2022.

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Although we will be undertaking exceptional efforts to achieve all the milestones in the Roadmap, please be aware that the given timelines are ESTIMATED and a matter of change according to the technical and business conditions.
In case of any changes in this Roadmap, you will be updated accordingly.

The Roadmap includes the development and launch of new features in the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform and CVNX ecosystem.

Offering CVNX Staking

Holders of CVNX tokens will have the option of staking for various periods at attractive interest rates.
The staking feature will be enabled in the CVNX dApp and Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger. The offering date and Staking conditions will be announced publicly in early 2022.

Enabling CVNX Governance Voting

The CVNX governance token will confer holders the power to influence decisions concerning the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform core settings, product features, development, and business plan.
The primary purpose of CVNX is to give control back to users. Holders of CVNX tokens can suggest or influence critical decisions about the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform through a governance voting mechanism in the CVNX dApp and Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger.

Upgraded Crypviser 2.0 Mobile Wallet

The new integrated Crypviser 2.0 Crypto Wallet will natively support CVNX ERC20 and CVT stablecoin and enable instant transactions, swap, and staking features in the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger. The list of supported tokens of the Ethereum and Huobi ECO Chain will continuously expand. Crypviser users can propose adding more tokens in the wallet through the CVNX governance voting.

CVSWAP protocol and CVT stablecoin on HECO.

The CVT stable coin on HECO(“Huobi ECO Chain”) will be powering Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform business model. Liquid crypto assets will back the CVT stable price at $1 over the CVSWAP protocol.
The CVSWAP protocol will allow Crypviser users to swap CVT for pegged assets at any time and provide transparent liquidity pools.
The list of the pegged assets in liquidity pools can be revised and adjusted by voting CVNX governance token holders.

Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform

The Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform will be rolling out a robust multi-chain blockchain for security, privacy, scalability, and interoperability. The platform will bundle and encapsulate the most advanced Web 3.0 technology stack to provide decentralized cybersecurity and encrypted data sharing, user-driven network governance, powerful crypto, DeFi, and NFT features.
The main focus will be on core multi-blockchain interoperability and transactions speed (TPS), which are lacking the most existing platforms.
The Testnet launch of the new platform is scheduled by end of 2022.

Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger

The brand new Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger is the next generation of Crypviser Secure Messenger, which will be integrating the highest level of personal security and the latest crypto features, such as DeFi, Swap, and NFT in a single powerful smart app on iOS and Android platforms. The Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger is completely coded from the scratch and will get a new look, fresh and modern user-friendly UI/UX. The newest Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger will come with new most anticipated features, such as group chats, decentralized content boards, NFT stickers & marketplace, secure decentralized data storage, and sharing capabilities.

Decentralized Content Boards

Decentralized boards introduce a new approach to user content publishing and sharing. It will allow Crypviser users to create and monetize any digital content, such as text messages, photo/video, files, and share on decentralized boards in the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube alternative). Censorship-resistant, transparent and unfiltered user-created content will be securely stored in the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform through decentralized Web 3.0 data-storage protocols.

Secure Data Vault and Sharing

Allows to store sensitive & confidential data securely and notes in the Crypviser Smart Platform decentralized. The Secure Vault provides a user-friendly secure data access and sharing solution through the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger.

NFT Stickers and Marketplace

NFT tokens support will be enabled in the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Messenger. It will allow users to add unique visual and animated sticker collections to the Crypviser secure chats in NFT HRC721 format. The user-created sticker collections bound to the NFT tokens will be coded and stored in the Huobi ECO Chain . Public NFT stickers will be available to all Crypviser users, whereas the encrypted(private) stickers only are to the creator. The NFT stickers can be traded, transferred, rented, or sold on NFT Marketplace.


For enterprise and business customers Crypviser will be introducing professional and advanced secure communication services for daily operations

Secure Business Cloud

The solution will allow to set up of an encrypted virtual network in the Crypviser platform for secure communication within the organization. White-Label branding and feature customization service are available to perfectly meet customer business requirements.

Crypviser Decentralized PKI Certificates

Crypviser Certificates are designed for enterprise-grade applications and IoT, which require a public key exchange for establishing encrypted data channels, instead of using the outdated, traditional TLS/SSL protocols on centralized PKI models.
The Crypviser DPKI certificates can tackle the problems with the traditional CA(“Certificate Authorities”) through certificate revocation, eliminating single points of failure, and reacting fast to misuses of trusted third-parties centralized CAs. Crypviser DPKI is able to make issuing corporate digital certificates (“public-key certificate”) transparent, immutable, and effectively prevent MITM attacks.
The Crypviser Certificates are fully compatible with X.509 standard digital and root certificates, which allow integration into existing software without core changes.

End-to-end encrypted E-mail platform

The service will allow replacing the traditional insecure email systems with an end-to-end encrypted E-mail platform. Business consumers will be able to send and receive e-mail in a familiar way but protected through the Crypviser blockchain end-to-end automated encryption.

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