Following the last live AMA stream in February 2018 we would like to give you an overview and updates of the discussed main topics.
During the live stream the Crypviser team reported on the progress and different scopes of activities and announced the commercial launch in April 2018.

The current launch road map is given below

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The mobile wallet & CVPay functionality will be available in pre — release of Crypviser app for private social communication.

One of the most important subjects was related to the marketing & promo campaigns related to the Beta phase and announcements of the upcoming commercial launch.

In accordance with the approved plan, the landing page of Crypviser was announced to be launched in March 2018 and the main website in April 2018.

  • Crypviser landing and main website launch
  • ASO/GPO (App Store and Google Play Optimization)
  • Targeted marketing in crypto, cybersecurity and mass media
  • App review sites
  • Massive online & offline promo campaigns
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Advertising
  • Influencer reviews and placements in TOP online magazines
  • CVcoin Foundation
  • Referral user bounty program
  • Promo campaigns with celebrities

During the live stream special attention was paid to discussing issues related to the Bitshares platform and listing on external exchanges.

The participants were familiar with the main advantages of the Bitshares platform and decentralized exchanges.

Despite all the technological advantages, the Bitshares platform is not widely supported by external exchanges, which led to the delay of scheduled listings.

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To satisfy the whole community and ICO investors expectations, the Crypviser team has been pursuing an opportunity to make CVcoin(CVN) token available on ERC20 (Ethereum network). This measure would allow us to bring more liquidity to CVcoin and make the listing process easier on external exchanges.

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The time frame of issuing the CVN on ERC20 is planned for March/April 2018, but depends on market conditions and negotiation results with the current pending exchanges.

In the second part of the AMA event the Crypviser team representatives answered the communities questions received live and collected on a special form.

After reviewing the questions we have published the best questions with answers, which will be rewarded in accordance with the contest.

Question: Is it really true that the Crypviser App can not be blocked? Such as what has happened with WhatsApp, Facebook etc ?

Answer: Crypviser is a fully decentralized communication platform based on blockchain, where central servers do not exist. Existing Crypviser users can register new users and act as entrance points to the network.

Question: Where do you see Crypviser’s commercial progress at the end of Q2 2018 & also at the end of 2018?

Answer: At the end of Q2 2018 according the actual business plan Crypviser should become a rapidly growing eco — system, which is meets the current challenges of cyber — security in instant communication networks. At the of 2018 the minimal target is to reach 1 million active users.

Question: When a free paying Crypviser customer communicates with a paying customer is the paying customer totally protected with all communications?

Answer: Yes, the communication between free and premium version is fully encrypted and protected by Crypviser core. The only difference in security scope is the authentication method and anonymity options. Premium subscription is fully anonymous and doesn’t require phone verification or manual actions through automated encryption.

Beside three defined award nominations, we have decided to reward in 100 CVN to the author of best questions in Russian.

Original question: Crypviser построен на основе bitshares\graphene, на данном блокчейне есть основные ноды. Судя по всему сейчас все основные ноды сети принадлежат Crypviser Foundation. Будет ли возможность запустить свои ноды у кого-то ещё?

English translation: Crypviser is based on Bitshares/Graphene platform, which have its own nodes. At this stage there are . Is there possibility to run independent nodes in Crypviser Network ?

Answer: Crypviser network is currently running in beta mode on nodes which belongs to Crypviser & OpenLedger. The nodes of the Crypviser Network are open source and will be available to download and launch publicly ahead of commercial launch.

Original question: Зачем такое разночтение в именовании? Я понимаю что CVN, CVE и CVT это разные токены. Но по факту они не смогут появится на одной платформе одновременно и запутывать пользователей не к чему.

English translation: Why is a new token name CVE required for issuing CVN in ERC20 ? Since they won’t be both available on the same platform, the original token name CVN is more preferred to avoid misunderstandings.

Answer: We are happy to have received this question, which made sense and gave us a new direction on how to simplify Crypviser eco — system for the users and traders.

All winners are kindly requested to contact Crypviser team by to get the rewards.

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