Happy New Year Greetings from the Crypviser team!

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Dear Crypviser & CVCoin community,

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most disturbing and hectic years for humanity.
In spite of all the difficulties, events took place this year that will definitely affect all the further years to come. In addition to the troubles associated with global pandemic and lockdowns around the world, this year also brought us many long-awaited events and innovations in crypto and blockchain technology world. In 2020, we saw the Bitcoin price skyrocket again, breaking past records. We saw the emergence and rapid development of DeFi (“Decentralized Finance”) market and innovations, which opened up amazing new opportunities and set the trend for the crypto industry in the years to come. And it is this year, at the end of 2020, that we are laying new stones in the Crypviser solid foundation for successful growth and prosperity in the coming year!
We should admit that trends and developments in the technology world, particularly in the crypto blockchain industry, are changing lightning fast. Every New Year is different and we all need to change with it.
It’s been a long time since Crypviser went public in 2017, there have been events and unlucky cases that have directly impacted Crypviser, but they have made us even stronger! …

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Dear CVN Traders & Holders

We happy to announce a new listing of CVN BTS is coming in January 2021 on a TOP Chinese/Asian exchange WBF!

WBF Exchange was registered in Singapore in January 2019. It is a subsidiary of WBF Group, which was founded in New York in 2017. Its founding team has members from New York, Singapore, and China. WBF Exchange supports spot trading, contract trading, leveraged trading, lending, and options trading. …

Join us now and win a fantastic award!

Crypviser has successfully launched its unprecedented Grand Event giveaway of €2.000.000 in honor of the 3rd Anniversary.
The long awaited Crypviser Grand Event is LIVE!


Do not miss a unique chance to win fantastic awards, which will be drawn in multiple stages.

Instant scratch-off winnings up to €10.000 are available for all participants after registration immediately!

100 x Bitcoin, 3 x BMW & Mercedes autos, 35 x Apple MacBook Pro, 40 x iPhone X11 Pro and latest Samsung smartphones, dozens of 4K TVs, AirPods, smartwatches, tablets, and the Grand Award — an eye-catching luxury Grand Villa located in Spain!


All details about the Grand Event, Terms & Conditions, HowTo participate guides and FAQ are available at the Grand Event Webiste https://grand.crypviser.network
A 24/7 Live Support Chat is also available on the Grand Event Website for all your inquiries. …

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Dear CVN traders & holders

We are pleased to share you the official announcement of new CVN BTS (Bitshares) listing on WBF Exchange!

Please see the listing details:

Listing pair: CVN/BTC

Deposits/withdrawals starts: 2021–01–11 16:00(UTC+8)

Trade open : 2021–01–12 20:00(UTC+8)

The official announcement on WBF Exchange is available here https://wbfex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500001453982-Announcement-about-WBF-list-CVN

WBF is a TOP Asian exchange which claims to have users from 177 countries and branches in 13 cities such as New York, London, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, and Tokyo. …

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Dear CVCOIN and Crypviser community

The 2nd CVN Foundation meeting will be held online tomorrow, 12th December 2020 at 13.00 CET.
The Foundation board members will be discussing the most actual and challenging topics, also reviewing the first CVN tokenomic transformation draft.

Here you can see the full Meeting agenda

1.) Disclosing inside details about CVN ERC20 exchange and clearing the fog of thousand speculation and rumours around.

2.) Discussing the CVN ERC20 swap options and terms in the scope of CVN transformation plan.

3.) Introducing a draft of CVN tokenomic transformation plan. …

ATTENTION! IMPORTANT notice regarding the old Crypviser group in Telegram https://t.me/crypviser

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Dear Crypviser & CVcoin communities.

This is an important and official notice to all our community members! Unfortunately, the old Crypviser group in Telegram has been compromised by suspicious persons, who abusing the Crypviser trust illegally took control over the English group (https://t.me/crypviser)

In this group they distribute VIRUSES, FAKES, SPAM, SCAM and dangerous content, which may cause serious damages to your personal privacy, confidentiality and safety. By following fake and scam “tips” and “advises”, provocative posts there you may become a fraud victim.

Crypviser team has been receiving notices from some community members about security breach of their wallets and lost funds.
Please be aware, that Crypviser won’t be responsible for any losses, security and privacy breaches caused by your participation in the compromised old group at https://t.me/crypviser

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Dear Crypviser & DEEX communities!

Today, we pleased to report that the Crypvser Secure Messenger has been declared as an official encrypted Messenger for the DEEX community!

“In the blockchain, the most valuable thing is cooperation. Blockchain is not about competition, but about mutually beneficial cooperation. And we established reliable long term partnership with CrypViser — German developer of high quality blockchain encrypted messenger with crypto features! DEEX is becoming home crypto exchange for CVN token, as well as its merchant at the back-end, and CrypViser is becoming DEEX official cryptomessenger!”

Said by DEEX CEO in welcome quote.

Crypviser also welcomes DEEX community users in the Grand Event and wishes a big luck! …

Please update your Crypviser Secure Messenger!

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Dear Crypviser Users

We are happy to inform you that maintenance works on the Crypviser Network have been successfully completed.
You are kindly requested to update your Crypviser Secure Messenger on Apple AppStore for iOS or Google play for Android users.

For any inqueries or issues, please join us for Live Chat in Telegram group at https://t.me/crypviser_official

Follow us to keep updated about all actual Crypviser news on:

Crypviser Blog: https://crypviser.medium.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/crypviser
Twitter: www.twitter.com/crypviser

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Dear Crypviser Users

Please be aware that we are starting technical maintenance works on the Crypviser Network from 00.00 (CET) 25th October 2020 — till 26th October 12.00 (CET).
During the maintenance time the Crypviser Network and Crypviser Secure Messenger will be unavailable.

We are sorry for inconveniences and thank you for your understandings.

The Countdown is ON!

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Dear Crypviser Users and Followers

We are extremely happy to update you that the most expected Crypviser Grand Event will be launching in 48 hours!

Follow the countdown on the Crypviser Grand Event website https://grand.crypviser.network

Get ready to update your Crypviser Secure Messenger in the upcoming 48 hours and join to the Grand Event!
We are excited to remind you, that the Crypviser Grand Event is an unprecedented giveaway drawing of fantastic prize pool nominated to the Crypviser 3rd Anniversary.

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